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New year, new bathroom or new wet room

A lot can happen over the period of a year and if you have a growing family, as your children get older no longer does it become a case struggling to get them into the bathroom but more becomes a warm trying to get them out. The last few years has seen a considerable increase in emphasis on appearance where youngsters are concerned. It is a psychological pressure that many could do without, but it is inescapable.

As a result, our children spend far greater time ‘perfecting their look’ then they ever used to and unfortunately the majority of this time is not spent in the bedroom but instead is spent in the bathroom, usually stuck in front of the mirror over the wash hand basin. If you are parents with three teenage children it is not difficult to paint a picture of what life must be like both first thing in the morning and also early in the evening.

bathroom installation, emergency plumbing

To ease the strain on overuse of the bathroom there are a number of options available to you which could help either ease or totally resolve this situation. Here at Baines Bathrooms in Bristol we have become masters of creating super-functional bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms and you would be surprised just what can be achieved with even just a small space.

As an example, your original bathroom may well have been arranged where only a bath and not a shower as well was going to be installed. With a new bathroom installation, you would be surprised just how much space can be created through repositioning of a bath, wash basin and toilet, to the point where installing a new shower cubicle becomes feasible. Instantly, with the installation of a new shower, you have freed up 10 to 15 minutes of bathroom use as it is perfectly possible to take a quick shower in under five minutes, but when someone says they going to take a quick bath, take the word quick with a pinch of salt!

If you happen to have teenage sons, the addition of a shower cubicle often means that one son can take a bath while the other takes a shower and if correctly installed, nobody should have to suffer when taking a shower while someone runs a bath – we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Of course there is the possibility of creating a small wet room. You would be surprised just how little space you need, space that could be created by pinching as little as an area measuring 0.75m x 1.5m from each of two adjoining rooms. And if you don’t believe us, the photograph we are using is of a wet room that actually measures 1.6m x 1.4m! We also think it looks really great and a swinging shower screen ensures that the toilet (and toilet paper!) doesn’t get soaked when taking a shower. Although you can’t see it, there is also a small corner washbasin in the near left corner.

From design and planning through to installation of a new bathroom or installation of a new wet room you will find at Baines Bathrooms that we will be able to come up with virtually any solution to help you create a second or third such facility in your home and if you’re still not sure, why not give us a call and invite us over. We don’t charge for any initial services and you might just be pleasantly surprised with what we can come up with for you.

5 top reasons to have a new bathroom installation or wet room installation


It is hard to imagine that Americans are any cleaner than the British, but read a set of American sales particular for anything other than a standard ‘ranch-style’ house, which is just a fancy name for a bungalow, and you’ll notice that with many properties, they have as many bathrooms, if not more than the number of bedrooms in the property. Okay, it’s cheating a little as a WC or cloakroom over here is a bathroom over there as well, but that misses the point. They have a far greater balance between toilets, bathrooms and bedrooms than we do. But there is no reason why – they don’t have a monopoly on the number of bathrooms you can have, so why restrict yourself just through conformity?

  • The main reason for adding a bathroom or wet room to your home is because your children are now young adults, and no longer does one bathroom work between five of you. However, while you may think that bedroom space is sacrosanct, you only need up to 2.4msq to create a perfectly adequate wet room ideal for two or three kids, and wet rooms are a lot easier to keep clean too.
  • Habits and trends change over time. Today where time is more valuable than ever, the time (and money) you save taking a shower means baths are more for indulgence than practicality. Today we are converting more bathrooms into shower rooms than ever before.
  • Nothing affects the potential value of a property more than a scruffy and worn-out bathroom or kitchen. It is a well-documented fact that a quality kitchen and stylish bathrooms and shower rooms help to sell a property more than anything else, just don’t go over the top and take advice from an expert.
  • So maybe you have bagged that property bargain because the kitchen and bathroom need upgrading. Moving into a new home is the perfect time to have a new bathroom installation or wet room installation, and is always a sound investment.
  • Why not? Yes, that is actually an extremely good reason to have a newly fitted shower room or bathroom. With a change here you can alter the whole atmosphere of a floor in your property. There are no rules which govern when you can and cannot have a new bathroom, shower room or wet room, so if the mood takes you and you feel like creating something special in your property, where better to start?

Here at Baines Bathrooms we have more years than we care to remember behind us and over that time we have enjoyed the challenge of creating something extra-special in usually what is quite a confined space. Good planning and design – included in our services – can make such a difference and present options you may not have previously considered. So why not take the first step and if you live in Bristol or surrounding areas and want qualified plumbers and experienced bathroom fitters to give you a great design and accurate quote for the cost of fitting a new wet room or bathroom, just give us a call.

Get the balance between bathrooms and bedrooms right

It was interesting to read about the 20 tips property professionals presented when coming to maximising both the value and saleability of your home. In the Daily Telegraph there were two very salient points made with reference to bathrooms. The first was from Sarah Beeney “As a vendor, the aim is to make the buyer feel they can move straight into your home and live their life. They’ll redecorate the living room and bedrooms in their own style, but they won’t be so enthusiastic about having to do work to the kitchen and bathrooms. Remember, those rooms are the beating heart of any house.”

Baines bathrooms - bathroom and wetroom installation, emergency plumbing, design and planning

The second comment was equally noteworthy “A four-bedroom house with three bathrooms is an attractive proposition. A seven-bedroom house with one shower room is a nightmare. More bedrooms do not necessarily mean added value. In fact, if you have to sacrifice comfort, an increased number of bedrooms can result in a reduced asking price. People would far rather buy a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms, than a four-bedroom house with one.”

This is a trend we have noticed at Baines Bathrooms when asked to come out by prospective clients who have taken us up on our offer of a free design and quote service for a bathroom installation or wetroom installation. The reasons vary. Some of our clients literally are looking to maximise the resale potential of their property, some are property speculators who understand what a selling feature a classy bathroom is, and there are those who have moved into a property and want to stamp their own mark on it.

What is important is that we try not to disrupt the ability to live in your home while the work is being done, and we appreciate that having running water all the time is very important. Thanks to modern fittings and valves it is now possible to minimise the disruption and usually when there are fewest people at home. What we don’t aim to do is walk away on a Friday and leave you without water over the weekend! In fact we never would when we leave at the end of each day, so you need not be too concerned.

Certainly bathroom installation and wetroom installation, if done properly, can not only improve how you enjoy your home and how well it functions if you have a family. However in the event you decide you want to move or have to move because of work, having the right balance between bedrooms and bathrooms will make a big difference as the more plus points your home has, the less ability the prospective purchaser will have to try and negotiate the price downwards.

If you have specific ideas in mind, or you are considering some options, if you live in the whole Bristol community, including Clifton, Redland, Bishopston and Bedminster, why not give us a call and ask us to pop over to see you. We don’t charge for visits so you have nothing to lose in seeing what we can come up with for you.  

Doorless showers are becoming more and more popular

There is a great set of images on Houzz.com for doorless showers, you may also refer to them as wet rooms. We decided to show you this article because everything about it is true. Doorless showers do open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Yes, it is interesting how changes in ‘lifestyle’ can take a few years to filter through the whole system, but once they do, we often wonder why it took so long for us to change. Take duvets for example. Yes, they had been in Scandinavia for years, but when they first arrived in the UK in the ‘60s hardly anyone wanted to know. Today sheets and blankets are about as common as duvets were in the ‘60s. So maybe the same is now happening to our beloved shower rooms? Maybe we have all just become so used to accepting ‘the norm’ that we have forgotten to look more closely at our options. Now whether it is fitting a new shower or bath, yes, you need to make sure you employ the services of a good bathroom fitter. Bristol has a number to choose from, but at Baines Bathrooms you get two brothers for the price of one, and you get many years of experience which allows us to not only offer a bathroom or shower room fitting service, but also a comprehensive design service too. And aside from the factour design service is free, using it will likely open up a number of options to you that hadn’t even crossed your mind.

So what are the major advantages of a doorless, or walk-in shower?

  • For a start there is less to clean. Shower cubicles are notoriously difficult to keep clean with all those nooks and crannies you have to get into, along with all the guide rails trapping soap, shampoo, hair and dirt. Then of course you’ve got the glass doors that always need cleaning. With a walk-in shower, especially if it is an open-style one, then you only have tiles on two walls to keep clean. If you do have a glass side screen, then at least it is easier to access and keep clean.
  • Think to the future. Getting older is a regrettable yet unavoidable factor in life. Eventually there comes a time when baths just become too awkward to get in and out of, and as we become less steady on our feet stepping in and out of a raised shower cubicle onto a tiled floor presents its own risks. Having a shower on one level eliminates risks, so why wait until you actually have to have one. If you are having a new shower room fitted out, don’t just think about today, think about further down the line.
  • If you are doing a property up, either to sell, or even just for personal use, think carefully about how a downstairs doorless or walk-in shower would be of great advantage to anyone staying there who was disabled. All too often we forget that while we may be able-bodied and in prime health, there are others less fortunate than us. If you are making alterations and improvements downstairs you don’t literally have to cater for every aspect, but just consider the layout of your shower room for someone who has mobility problems, or who is in a wheelchair. It doesn’t take a lot more to have a wider door fitted, for the layout to accommodate a wheelchair, and for there to be ample space for an open shower.

So if you are looking for a first-class and highly experienced bathroom fitter, here at Bristol-based Baines Bathrooms we will be only too delighted to provide you with a comprehensive bathroom and shower room fitting service. Why not give us a call and ask us to come out and first-off give you with a free quote – after that you will then know exactly what your options will be?


Whether you want to add comfort, value or both, creating an ensuite to your bedroom makes so much sense

Baines Bathrooms Bristol – Bathroom installation, wet room installation, design and planning, emergency plumber Bristol

The UK’s financial website of the year,Thisismoney, ran an interesting article about the benefits of creating an en-suite to a master bedroom to increase the saleability and also value of your home. The article even indicated the value of your home could increase by up to 10%, especially if it is a four bedroom home with just a single bathroom. Now many of you may have stopped realizing you live in a home and instead consider the roof over your head is a good long-term investment. However adding an ensuite to the main bedroom is a win-win situation, whichever side of the fence you stand on.

In addition, something one or two of you may have been asking yourself is how do you make the space to create an en-suite room? Well careful design and planning, two elements that come with the Baines Bathrooms package can produce remarkable results that you may not have considered yourself. These situations are very much borne out of experience of bathroom and wet room installations and many years of practical problem solving and making the very most of limited space. As a consequence, many en-suite rooms we create for clients have been shower room and wet room installations.

While tastes and fads may come and go, a wet room or shower room will always be in vogue and appeal to a wide market. En-suite rooms and wet rooms especially don’t usually have baths and tend to concentrate more on taking up as little space from other rooms when they are an addition to a property as opposed to being incorporated within the original design. If you have a large family then an en-suite wet room can be a total blessing, while there is still the opportunity to have a long soak in a bath when the mood takes and the family bathroom is free!

At Baines Bathrooms we have broadened our catchment area more through word-of-mouth request than design, so if you live in the Bristol area including Bradley Stoke, Almondsbury, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Thornbury, Yate, Mangotsfield, Filton, Brislington, Frenchay, Southmead or Downend then we will be very happy to discuss numerous possibilities with you. We are aware that getting everything absolutely right from the onset can be critical, which is why you will be heavily involved from the onset with the design and planning process. Our aim is to listen to what you like and want, and then come up with a design that you may not have considered, but will fall in love with.

Even the choice of going for a wet room or a shower room can be a difficult decision to make, but once again with some clever design ideas, we can give you an excellent impression of what the finished room will look like, making the decision as easy as we can for you. Now all you need to do is give us a call, invite us out to have a look and we will gladly come up with some great ideas for you to give careful consideration to. Keep our number handy as well, as we are also emergency plumbers, who we know are supposed to be notoriously hard to get hold of in an emergency, but you can contact us at any time.

Take advantage of the benefits of an excellent and experienced design and planning service

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom and wet room installations

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom and wet room installations

Here at Baines Bathrooms we don’t just do bathroom and wet room installations, we also have a very prompt and reliable emergency plumbing service. However on top of all that we also have a very reputable bathroom and wet room design and planning service, one which we use to provide you with a free quote for any work you would like to have done.

One of the advantages of using our design and panning service is that it is not every day of the week you look to redesign your existing bathroom or decide on having a nice new wet room. As a consequence, certain practical aspects can get overlooked, and it is only once all the work has been done do you realise that in hindsight, you might have done things differently. It can be costly, and frustrating, which is where our experience comes to the fore. We can either start with a blank canvas, or we can build upon certain ideas you already have. With a substantial catalog of fixtures, fittings and tiles, we can come up with some hugely inspirational ideas that either enhance your own, or present you with an option or two you hadn’t even considered.

There is an art to the design and planning side of bathroom and wet room installations, and much of our reputation here at Baines Bathrooms is about coming up with the bathroom or wet room you have always wanted, and without breaking the bank. Sure, with an unlimited budget anyone can come up with a grand design for a bathroom, but we seldom deal with that type of client. Instead we enjoy working with clients who have a limited budget, and rising to the challenging of creating something special that provides exactly what was hoped for, and ideally more. So, to find out more about us and to see what we can achieve for you, why not give us a call and we will be very happy to come out and see you. We not only cover the whole of Bristol, but we also cover outlying areas including Bristol Area including; Bradley Stoke, Almondsbury, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Thornbury, Yate, Mangotsfield, Filton, Brislington, Frenchay, Southmead and Downend. Finally, don’t forget to leave our number in a handy place in case you ever have the misfortune of needing an emergency plumber – you’ll find we are just as reliable on that front as every other aspect of the work we do.

It is in our nature to put up with things when we really don’t have to

Baines Bathrooms for bathroom and wet room installations Bristol

Baines Bathrooms for bathroom and wet room installations Bristol

It never ceases to make us smile at Baines Bathrooms when asked to come out and either create a wet room or install a new bathroom in a property for clients when we are greeted with the words “We really should have done this ages ago”. The simple truth where the homes we live in is concerned is that we put up with an awful lot that could be improved, just because we get used to it and tend to stop noticing the problem or problems after a while. Bathrooms are a classic example and on some occasions our clients have almost been embarrassed at the state of the bathroom that is being replaced. However we do also understand that there are innumerable other things that take precedence in life over a new bathroom or wet room installation. Providing we get clean and we don’t create a flood in the room below when we have a bath or shower, then functionality becomes the order of the day.

However think back to the last time you stayed in a hotel. Remember how you felt enjoying a nice soak in the bath or being able to stretch your arms out in the shower, all within an environment that was fresh, modern and which looked really nice. The chances are you didn’t come out any cleaner than you would at home, but mentally we bet you that you enjoyed yourself so much more and felt more invigourated and refreshed. Well transfer yourself back home and you can enjoy the same experience, and you know what, you probably deserve it if you have waited quite some time to upgrade your bathroom or fit a wet room. There is always that sense of feeling guilty for treating yourself to what you may consider a luxury, but everything in our home has a lifespan, and if your current bathroom is reaching its sell by date, then what better time to enjoy something fresher and more modern? Why not give us a call at Baines Bathrooms and invite us out to run through some options for bathrooms and wet rooms ideas with you through our free design and planning service; we not only cover the whole of Bristol, but also outlying areas including Bradley Stoke, Almondsbury, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Thornbury, Yate, Mangotsfield, Filton, Brislington, Frenchay, Southmead and Downend.

Stamp your mark on your new home

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom installation and wet room installation

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom installation and wet room installation

When you move into a new home you move into the life of the previous owners too. It is a strange sensation as you learn to accept their taste in décor for a while, though usually you end up changing it. The same applies to kitchens and bathrooms, and especially when you have one which was considered tasteful when installed, but now can at best be described as dated. Either that, or they have tried to be on trend and created something that may have suited their taste, but which definitely doesn’t suit yours.

Here at Baines Bathrooms this is a common scenario we encounter when asked to visit a property to come up with some ideas for new bathroom and wet room installations. We are basically being asked out to let the new occupants create their own home, stamp their own mark on one of the most important areas, and banish the previous occupants to a past memory. In many ways it makes a lot of sense and it also makes sense to do it as soon as you have moved in to allow you to enjoy the benefit of the change for as long as possible.

At Baines Bathrooms we offer a comprehensive design and planning package for any bathroom or wet room installation, and we also operate over a broad, yet still local area in and around Bristol, including Bradley Stoke, Almondsbury, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Thornbury, Yate, Mangotsfield, Filton, Brislington, Frenchay, Southmead and Downend. To find out more, to get a free estimate of the cost of making any alterations, or if you ever need a reliable and prompt emergency plumber, make sure you keep our number in a handy place and give us a call – we will only be too delighted to help you in any way we can, and we enjoy matching our installation service with an equally comprehensive and reliable after-sales service too.

New bathroom and wetroom transform a tired Bristol home

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom installation and wet room installation

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom installation and wet room installation

It is strange how projects can appear out of thin air, as the result of a casual few words said in passing. It was just a conversation I had with a friend who was thinking of moving. I was surprised as I had always liked his house and been envious of him. When I asked why he was moving, he just said that he and his wife wanted a change, that the house was feeling a little dated and that they wanted something a little more modern. When I asked if he would miss his garden (a real plus point of his home) he did admit that more modern houses did tend to have smaller gardens, especially around Bristol. I asked out of curiosity why he didn’t want to just upgrade what he currently had, putting in new bathrooms and a kitchen. I explained that for so many of our clients, upgrading bathrooms changes the whole enjoyment factor of a property, and though we don’t do kitchens, I did admit that a brand new kitchen would round off such a transformation.

“Can’t afford to do that, it’d cost a fortune” came back the reply.
“What if you could have a practical wetroom and a luxury bathroom, plus a brand new kitchen, and in real terms it wouldn’t cost you anything” I replied.
“Don’t be stupid, you can’t do all that for free!”
“So you’d rather move home and throw away £30,000 then?”
“I don’t get you, but of course not.”
Well have you done your sums? By the time you’ve paid an estate agent for selling your home in Bristol, then your solicitor for the conveyancing, add on the cost of removals and that’s a fair chunk of money. Then add £15,000 for stamp duty on your new home and none of that money you will ever see again. However spend that money on a new bathroom, wetroom and kitchen in your current Bristol home and guess what, not only will you have benefitted personally from spending that money, but you will likely secure the investment in your property in increasing its value by more than the cost of everything new put in it.

Needless to say my friend is still in his old house in Bristol, but he now has a new wetroom and luxury bathroom to enjoy! If you’d like to find out how to ‘save’ money by upgrading your bathroom or installing a wetroom in your home, why not give us a call at Banes Bathrooms Bristol and we’ll be delighted to come out and give you a free quote to install the bathroom of your dreams….