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Doorless showers are becoming more and more popular

There is a great set of images on Houzz.com for doorless showers, you may also refer to them as wet rooms. We decided to show you this article because everything about it is true. Doorless showers do open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Yes, it is interesting how changes in ‘lifestyle’ can take a few years to filter through the whole system, but once they do, we often wonder why it took so long for us to change. Take duvets for example. Yes, they had been in Scandinavia for years, but when they first arrived in the UK in the ‘60s hardly anyone wanted to know. Today sheets and blankets are about as common as duvets were in the ‘60s. So maybe the same is now happening to our beloved shower rooms? Maybe we have all just become so used to accepting ‘the norm’ that we have forgotten to look more closely at our options. Now whether it is fitting a new shower or bath, yes, you need to make sure you employ the services of a good bathroom fitter. Bristol has a number to choose from, but at Baines Bathrooms you get two brothers for the price of one, and you get many years of experience which allows us to not only offer a bathroom or shower room fitting service, but also a comprehensive design service too. And aside from the factour design service is free, using it will likely open up a number of options to you that hadn’t even crossed your mind.

So what are the major advantages of a doorless, or walk-in shower?

  • For a start there is less to clean. Shower cubicles are notoriously difficult to keep clean with all those nooks and crannies you have to get into, along with all the guide rails trapping soap, shampoo, hair and dirt. Then of course you’ve got the glass doors that always need cleaning. With a walk-in shower, especially if it is an open-style one, then you only have tiles on two walls to keep clean. If you do have a glass side screen, then at least it is easier to access and keep clean.
  • Think to the future. Getting older is a regrettable yet unavoidable factor in life. Eventually there comes a time when baths just become too awkward to get in and out of, and as we become less steady on our feet stepping in and out of a raised shower cubicle onto a tiled floor presents its own risks. Having a shower on one level eliminates risks, so why wait until you actually have to have one. If you are having a new shower room fitted out, don’t just think about today, think about further down the line.
  • If you are doing a property up, either to sell, or even just for personal use, think carefully about how a downstairs doorless or walk-in shower would be of great advantage to anyone staying there who was disabled. All too often we forget that while we may be able-bodied and in prime health, there are others less fortunate than us. If you are making alterations and improvements downstairs you don’t literally have to cater for every aspect, but just consider the layout of your shower room for someone who has mobility problems, or who is in a wheelchair. It doesn’t take a lot more to have a wider door fitted, for the layout to accommodate a wheelchair, and for there to be ample space for an open shower.

So if you are looking for a first-class and highly experienced bathroom fitter, here at Bristol-based Baines Bathrooms we will be only too delighted to provide you with a comprehensive bathroom and shower room fitting service. Why not give us a call and ask us to come out and first-off give you with a free quote – after that you will then know exactly what your options will be?