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Get the balance between bathrooms and bedrooms right

It was interesting to read about the 20 tips property professionals presented when coming to maximising both the value and saleability of your home. In the Daily Telegraph there were two very salient points made with reference to bathrooms. The first was from Sarah Beeney “As a vendor, the aim is to make the buyer feel they can move straight into your home and live their life. They’ll redecorate the living room and bedrooms in their own style, but they won’t be so enthusiastic about having to do work to the kitchen and bathrooms. Remember, those rooms are the beating heart of any house.”

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The second comment was equally noteworthy “A four-bedroom house with three bathrooms is an attractive proposition. A seven-bedroom house with one shower room is a nightmare. More bedrooms do not necessarily mean added value. In fact, if you have to sacrifice comfort, an increased number of bedrooms can result in a reduced asking price. People would far rather buy a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms, than a four-bedroom house with one.”

This is a trend we have noticed at Baines Bathrooms when asked to come out by prospective clients who have taken us up on our offer of a free design and quote service for a bathroom installation or wetroom installation. The reasons vary. Some of our clients literally are looking to maximise the resale potential of their property, some are property speculators who understand what a selling feature a classy bathroom is, and there are those who have moved into a property and want to stamp their own mark on it.

What is important is that we try not to disrupt the ability to live in your home while the work is being done, and we appreciate that having running water all the time is very important. Thanks to modern fittings and valves it is now possible to minimise the disruption and usually when there are fewest people at home. What we don’t aim to do is walk away on a Friday and leave you without water over the weekend! In fact we never would when we leave at the end of each day, so you need not be too concerned.

Certainly bathroom installation and wetroom installation, if done properly, can not only improve how you enjoy your home and how well it functions if you have a family. However in the event you decide you want to move or have to move because of work, having the right balance between bedrooms and bathrooms will make a big difference as the more plus points your home has, the less ability the prospective purchaser will have to try and negotiate the price downwards.

If you have specific ideas in mind, or you are considering some options, if you live in the whole Bristol community, including Clifton, Redland, Bishopston and Bedminster, why not give us a call and ask us to pop over to see you. We don’t charge for visits so you have nothing to lose in seeing what we can come up with for you.