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New bathroom and wetroom transform a tired Bristol home

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom installation and wet room installation

Baines Bathrooms Bristol for bathroom installation and wet room installation

It is strange how projects can appear out of thin air, as the result of a casual few words said in passing. It was just a conversation I had with a friend who was thinking of moving. I was surprised as I had always liked his house and been envious of him. When I asked why he was moving, he just said that he and his wife wanted a change, that the house was feeling a little dated and that they wanted something a little more modern. When I asked if he would miss his garden (a real plus point of his home) he did admit that more modern houses did tend to have smaller gardens, especially around Bristol. I asked out of curiosity why he didn’t want to just upgrade what he currently had, putting in new bathrooms and a kitchen. I explained that for so many of our clients, upgrading bathrooms changes the whole enjoyment factor of a property, and though we don’t do kitchens, I did admit that a brand new kitchen would round off such a transformation.

“Can’t afford to do that, it’d cost a fortune” came back the reply.
“What if you could have a practical wetroom and a luxury bathroom, plus a brand new kitchen, and in real terms it wouldn’t cost you anything” I replied.
“Don’t be stupid, you can’t do all that for free!”
“So you’d rather move home and throw away £30,000 then?”
“I don’t get you, but of course not.”
Well have you done your sums? By the time you’ve paid an estate agent for selling your home in Bristol, then your solicitor for the conveyancing, add on the cost of removals and that’s a fair chunk of money. Then add £15,000 for stamp duty on your new home and none of that money you will ever see again. However spend that money on a new bathroom, wetroom and kitchen in your current Bristol home and guess what, not only will you have benefitted personally from spending that money, but you will likely secure the investment in your property in increasing its value by more than the cost of everything new put in it.

Needless to say my friend is still in his old house in Bristol, but he now has a new wetroom and luxury bathroom to enjoy! If you’d like to find out how to ‘save’ money by upgrading your bathroom or installing a wetroom in your home, why not give us a call at Banes Bathrooms Bristol and we’ll be delighted to come out and give you a free quote to install the bathroom of your dreams….